Helping Nonprofits Grow and Thrive

Specializing in Nonprofit Law

Specializing in Nonprofit Law


Why Nonprofit Law

Oregon has a strong tradition of volunteers partnering together to improve the livability of our state through nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits make Oregon a better place, from addressing housing and food insecurity, to increasing civic engagement, to addressing the needs of children and our vulnerable populations.  Collaborations Law was formed to provide nonprofit organizations legal services by helping new entities get started and existing nonprofits to thrive.  

Nonprofit Legal Services

Nonprofits need an attorney who specializes in understanding the specific challenges that nonprofits face, and have the skills to provide guidance in navigating the complex legal challenges.  Collaborations Law can help with the formation of new entities including articles of incorporation, filing for tax exempt status, drafting policies and bylaws, and support for the initial board meeting and short term strategic planning.  Collaborations Law also advises nonprofits on issues for legal compliance, employee relations including employee handbooks and pay equity, development of best practices, financial controls, and contract review and negotiation.

Board Trainings and Workshops

High performing boards are the cornerstone of successful nonprofits.  Collaborations Law is a leader in providing trainings and workshops designed to help boards excel.  We provide content and facilitation for board retreats and planning sessions as well as presentations for your board meeting.  Topics include roles and responsibilities of board members, legal and fiduciary duties of the board, equity practices, the board’s relationship with the CEO, allowable political activity, fundraising, and review of bylaws and policies.  We also provide facilitation services for strategic planning and goal setting.  

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